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Oistins Fish Festival

We rebranded Oistins Fish Festival in 2019 with a more vibrant and lively logo that celebrates the multi-faceted community that has developed around the iconic fishing village of Barbados.

The Logo

The logo showcases a fishing village, business community, and thriving scene for culture all centered around and emanating from the Oistins Fish Festival.

The Docuseries (2023)

After a more muted festival return in the previous year, the 2023 festival was a prime opportunity to remind the public about the history and meaning of the festival, connecting past, present, and future ambitions.

Under the direction of the Festival Committee, our chief creative and creative Director of the festival, Israel, worked with Cornerstone Creatives to script, co-direct, and ultimately host the docuseries. The team at Cornerstone brought their international experience and passion for filmmaking, along with their lively personalities to the production.

Each episode involved interviews with fisherfolk and members of the community, historians, and founding as well as current members of the festival committee.

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