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The Power of Branding

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Crafting a strong and versatile visual identity at the heart of a company’s marketing and communications, that is visible, memorable and relatable is crucial to it being seen, remembered and engaged with by the right customers.

Brands and Responsibility

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Many marketing and communications executives will ask the question today, ‘what are we saying and doing about this?’ but that is the wrong question. Instead, they should be asking the deeper, more probing and appropriate questions, ‘Is this the right conversation for us?’

Why the Hustle Doesn’t Work

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There is tremendous value in hard work. Rolling up your sleeves, putting your shoulder to the plough and getting down to business. But many today are often mistaking dedication to their profession with being on the hustle 24/7.

Content is King…

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Having a wealth of relevant content is vital to keeping your audience engaged online. In our ‘always-on’ age, people want to engage with your thoughts and your knowledge base, they want to interact with you before they work with your business.

The Right Steps when things Go Wrong

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You can embarrass yourself, or your brand in a way you never thought possible. That’s not fine but it happens. But what you do about it in the moments to follow is just as critical. That’s what some call public relations, others call good common sense,