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The Exporter

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Content Development

From 2017 to 2022 we developed The Exporter Magazine as the trade-in-services flagship publication of the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries (BCSI).

Publication Design

In launching its flagship publication the BCSI turned to IDS to create a magazine focused on providing a broad perspective on the development of the services sector in Barbados.

We created a bold masthead that would stand out on a magazine stand and coffee table alike.

The Process

While maintaining the theme of the publication, every issue of the Exporter Magazine requires a unique set of inputs. For example, in designing the fourth issue, we used stock photography references to help us create the custom cover design for the theme ICT in a 21st Century Barbados.

Page Layout

In laying out the pages of the magazine, we created eye-catching article lead pages as well as lean pages trimmed with negative space to give readers places for their eyes to rest. Key to the process was picking fonts that paired well together, and elements that transitioned throughout the magazine that made it feel cohesive through different articles and issues.

The yellow from the baseline of the masthead is featured throughout the magazine, by expanding areas of yellow across articles and anchor, tie everything to the magazine’s visual identity.