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Who Eat De Ham?

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Farmer’s Choice – Ham Season 2023


For their annual Ham Season Holiday campaign, we worked with Farmer’s Choice to develop ‘Who Eat de Ham?’, a Bajan who-done-it ham caper, featuring Myrtle Brathwaite and her family on Christmas Day.

The story

As Myrtle and family gather for Christmas lunch, the ham has gone missing. Someone has taken and eaten the ham and the four-episode story arc on social media, takes the family and viewers through the rollercoaster ride of answering the question, ‘Who eat de ham?’


Ham Season 2023 launched on November 1st with a teaser video, followed by a series of Ham Cutter giveaways in high traffic areas, including Haggatt Hall, Warrens and Fontabelle. Custom ‘Who Eat de Ham?’ boxes were designed for the cutters and staff turned out in their numbers wearing campaign T-shirts and headbands.

Throughout ham season ham samplings were hosted at supermarket and retail partners.

Online, fans and followers of Farmer’s Choice got the opportunity, with each episode premiere, to participate in online giveaways by answering ‘Who said what?’ trivia based on each episode.

Through out-of-home advertising and several brand partnerships, the campaign was promoted at supermarkets, gas stations, bus stops and digital screens around the island.

Members of the Farmer’s Choice staff were eager to volunteer to play roles in the ‘Who Eat de Ham?’ series and several of them appeared in character at promotional events, especially at the Kloth Pop-Up Shop in December.

The client marketing team also went on a radio spot tour throughout ham season promoting the products and campaign.

After the release of the penultimate episode, the official competition was launched were followers on social media were given the opportunity guess who they thought was the culprit.

Participants were given until the release of the last episode to submit their entries. Winners were chosen at random from correct answers out of the 147 entries.


Our team conceptualised the campaign based on the who-done-it genre of movies, and wrote the script once the concept was approved by the client. Working with the video production crew, and the Farmer’s Choice marketing team, footage for all four episodes was filmed in one day.

Through collaboration with the Farmer’s Choice team, we worked to create content for their robust campaign rollout schedule.

We designed a spin-wheel, which was used at Farmer’s Choice in-store appearances and seasonal events, where participants had the chance to spin the wheel to win instant prizes related to the seasonal campaign.

A campaign website housing information about spin wheel location and giveaway dates, full episodes and other relevant information.


Farmer’s Choice maintains a strong position as a market leader across several products especially their picnic and leg hams. Even with this strong position in the market, retailers across the board reported an increase in sales of Farmer’s Choice hams for ham season 2023.

Interest in the campaign was high with anecdotal reports of interest and queries about ‘Who Eat de Ham?’ corroborating data from the social media reach.

Throughout Ham Season 2023, the Instagram page reach 50k+ accounts, with 80% of those accounts being non-followers, for a total of 370K+ impressions on the page. The profile was visited over 8,000 times, a 240% increase over the previous two-month period. Each of the episodes were promoted on Facebook and Instagram and episode 2 of ‘Who Eat de Ham?’ was the most watched of the series, reaching 12k+ accounts and totaling 22K+ plays on Instagram alone.


  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Out-of-Home Advertising (Bus Stop Benches, Digital displays)
  • Print Media
  • Website